FD Sports was established in Turkey with more than 20 years of textile experience and has become the key name in the production of high quality, comfy and stylish sportswear . Today, FD Sports has become the pioneer of conservative sportswear in the USA , UK and Europe markets as well.

Fd Sports opened its first store in Maldives last year and added the Asian and the Middle East regions to its route. FD Sports; With its collection of tracksuits, daily sportswear, active wear and different types of sports caps, it offers its customers a wide range of colorful options. Addressing both active and conservative women who do sports professionally and who want to make sports a part of their daily life, FD Sports consists of functional products designed with sincerity in mind to meet the needs of conservative active women. All products are produced to maximize the comfort during sports by identifying the needs and problems of conservative sportswomen and processing them with details to solve these problems. This is why the commitment to FD Sports products, which are result-oriented, functional and produced with world-class quality, continues to increase day by day.

Part of active life!

FD sports has the mission to support modest women for their sports and active life. Also sponsoring many professional and amateur athletes.Also sponsoring many professional and amateur athletes.

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